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About me

My name is Nicole and I am a Czech/Polish girl, born and raised in Austria, currently working at elements in Salzburg. I have always had an eye for details and visually pleasing things, as well as technology, that's why I am studying media technology. It allows me to explore many different fields of the digital world we live in.

Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign
graphic design • print
Prototyping (Sketch)
Photography & Postproduction
Frontend development

This is me

I am a strong believer in life long learning and especially in technology there is no way around it, since developments are being made literally every day. I still have a lot to learn and so I am grasping every opportunity to see, soak in and gain knowledge and skills. What we learn today could be the future of tomorrow.

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Because my parents are from the Czech Republic and Poland I had the opportunity to grow up multilingual in Austria. The fact that I visited a billingual school in Vienna and had daily contact with Czech and German made it possible for me to learn both languages at mother tongue level. I am fluent in English and business fluent in Polish.

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