Nicole Baster | thesis

As part of a bachelor's degree I have to write two papers. The first one was about "How the use of visual communication influences Web design" and my second is currently in progress. I got inspired for my topic during my participation in the Design Tools Hackathon.

Especially in the marketing area, the fact that colors can evoke different emotions is exploited and deliberately used to trigger the desired feelings in the viewer/user. We are often unaware that the same applies to typography. It might not matter what word we see, or if we can even speak the language, but only by looking at the font, certain feelings can be triggered. Many fonts are connected to visual clichés, which should not be ignored when designing, as it can not only significantly increase the recognition value of a product, but also represents a risk of achieving an unwanted effect.

Designers must make many decisions that may seem insignificant, but our subconscious can be very powerful with regard to how we perceive information. Typefaces add character and are able to enhance the overall theme. Choosing an appropriate font is not an easy task and can, depending on the project and occasion, entail a lot of responsibility. By creating customized typefaces, typography can play a huge role in corporate identity and is able to reflect brand values. It must also be considered that not every typeface is ideal for any language or alphabet. The information is, on one hand, displayed differently but could at the same time be perceived in another way.

  • How far is typography alone, without accompanying visual or auditory elements, able to evoke expectations, emotions and associations in the viewer regarding the advertised movie?

  • Does the font choice have any influence on which movie we choose to watch?

Starting the thesis with an insight into the evolution of typography and an explanation of the basics of typography should provide a good foundation for the subsequent chapters of the paper which will investigate how fonts can deliberately be used as an information carrier.

The creation of a survey will help to determine whether the choice of one font or another on film posters plays a role in the expectations and evoked emotions in the viewer. For this, either fictional posters will be created, or real posters will be alternated and recreated with another font. During the survey it needs to be considered whether other circumstances such as images may affect the emotions of the viewer. The use of typography to arouse emotions is used not only in movie posters but also in the opening credits, which are also influenced and amplified by visual and auditory elements. Therefore, it would be interesting to work with typography alone – black font on a white background, for example, to really just converge on the font itself. This approach would also allow researching whether there are genre-specific trends regarding fonts. The easiest way will be to make this survey online because it will also be possible to reach a very large and diverse audience.

this thesis is expected to be completed by May 2019