Nicole Baster | #dthack18

Design Tools Hackathon

As part of the Design Tool Hackathon 2018 in Tel Aviv, I've worked with four other people on a plugin for the software "Sketch" which deals with variable fonts.

Thanks to a scholarship by Zeplin I was able to attend this event, organized by Design Tools Network and hosted at the Wix-HQ. People from all corners of the world gathered and accomplished really amazing results in just two days.
My group members and I decided that we did not want to go into something very coding-heavy, as our team consisted mainly of designers. We took the decision to deal with typography and discussed many ways to experiment more with fonts themselves. In the end, though, we had to narrow down our ideas and agree on something that we would be able to accomplish in just two days, which is why we went into more detail about variable fonts. "An OpenType variable font is one in which the equivalent of multiple individual fonts can be compactly packaged within a single font file [...] A variable font is a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts." (J. Hudson)

Not only the hackathon itself was a very exciting and educational - spending two days around fonts and typography inspired me for the topic of my bachelor thesis!

I worked together with ...

More about the whole event in Tel Aviv can be read in this article.