Nicole Baster | FH work

work from my studies

In September 2016 I started to study media technology. In the course of my studies I had several subjects related to visual communication: introduction to media design, screen design, information design, layout and graphic design ... these are a few of the works that have been created in the last few semesters.


this is the result of a project where we were limited to using only black & white


during this excercise we were limited to a certain color palette and hat to make multiple versions of the same banner we created beforehand

typography systems

exploring different alingments of the same text


The task was to create two pictograms: on one hand "do not look at the mobile phone while walking: risk of injury!" and on the other hand "secure your data once a week "


one of the posters I creaed during my class "layout and graphic design"


two sets of styletiles and screendesigns for a website had to be created, including a mobile version