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Döblinger Gymnasium

The Döblinger Gymnasium, founded in 1885, in the 19th district of Vienna is a traditional high school with a humanistic and linguistic focus.

The main task of this project was to redesign information materials which could be handed out to interested parties (parents and their children) during the open house day.

  • Logo update

  • Brochure

  • Folder

  • Poster

  • Flag

Logo update

The high school has an existing logo, but it is not as versatile as it could be. Apart from the fact that it is not  vectorized and only available in a small resolution, the prominent letter G is cropped and is therefore not suitable to be positioned freestanding.

The principal asked me to keep the logo mostly as it is, since it is already used in many areas, but I was given the freedom to adjust it if needed. I have therefore completed the letter and adapted the font style as well as the positioning of the numbers a little. However, I also simultaneously developed versions of the logo that give the viewers a bit more context or can be further used as a design element.

original logo

adapted logo

secondary version with full name of the school

stylized version to be used as a design element

Info material

The main task was to redesign information materials which could be handed out to interested parties (parents and their children) during the open house day. 

A general brochure has been designed and layouted which presents the school, its history, profile and philosophy. The broad offer of extracurricular activities for students is presented as well.

In addition, a folder has been created which explains the principles and benefits of a „Ganztagesklasse“ which will be available from 2022/23 (all-day school form).

The folder (left) and the brochure (right) now have the same format
and can be conveniently placed inside each other.



The outside of the folder presents the traditional building.
The doors open with the brochure and create an analogy to the open house day. The goal is to make the viewers curious about the inside – of the brochure as well as the school in real life.


The cover of the brochure is one of the use cases  for the application of the stylized logo. 

Overall, this brochure contains all the important key points about the school. In particular, great importance was given to presenting the values and which goals the students can achieve through their support system.

Posters and flag

In order to promote the open house day, a series of posters was created as well as a flag that will be hung in front of the school building. These designs are a good example of how the stylized logo can be used as a design element.

On the one hand, a bright and friendly series of posters in different colors was designed. On the other hand a more universal option has been presented which includes the colors of the rainbow. This design was finally also applied to the flag to reflect the diversity and inclusion of the school.


Döblinger Gymnasium



Winter 2021

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