Nicole Baster | service design

Service Design

As part of my semester abroad at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, I participated in the course "Service Design". It was all about the development of a service. Our group choose the topic "planet friendly" and worked together with the city hall of Katwijk.

During this project two documents have been created which, on one hand, contain the research and on the other hand document the development of the service and the designs.The documents themselves were designed in InDesign and are intended to encourage the reader to keep reading, as reports with a lot of text are not always fun to read through. The chosen style and pictures also reflect the overall design of the service.
This project was created in collaboration with three other Dutch students.

The research has been setup in order to help us during the design process. This design report is the written record of the project which has been created as part of the project. In the first section we described the problem we faced and how we aim to solve it with our service. How this service was designed and developed is explained after that.

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The contents of the project

The citizens in Katwijk are currently not using a lot of green in their living spaces, causing multiple problems for the green health. The rain can’t drain properly, important insects like bees go extinct and the city gets too hot in the summer. The citizens do not change this, because they are not motivated and/or don’t have the skills to put more greenery in their living space. The goal of this project was to connect the people of target group in the cities of Katwijk to educate them about the importance of having a greener environment and to motivate them to cooperate into growing and maintaining a green space. After completion of the university project, it was finally presented to several city hall councils, who consider to develop the acutal application and the rest of the service.