ELOOP is a Vienna based start up with the focus on green mobility solutions and environmental protection. Their vision ist to change the way how people get around in urban areas and take the sharing economy to the next level.

I started to think about how I could make something special out of the advertising material I was asked to design, so it would stand out on the various social media channels it was intended for. The already existing logo was only available in a static form and I saw good potential to bring it to life with an animation.

I wanted to incorporate animations into the advertising material later anyway, since it is an engaging instrument that can help a company to tell their story more comprehensively and create a buzz around the brand and what it stands for. And how better to communicate mobility than with some movement and animation? From the small idea of animating the logo, eventually own GIF stickers for Instagram stories have been developed, which can be used by everybody.

Ready for upload

Various designs were developed for the ads. On the one hand, they display the app which is used to book the vehicles, on the other hand there are also versions with photos. ELOOP has e-cars from BMW and Renault in their fleet, but these advertisements should deliberately advertise the possibility of being able to rent a Tesla very easily.

There is a static and an animated variant of each version and the formats have been adapted so that they can be displayed in the feed as well as in the stories (on Instagram and Facebook).


(Caroo Mobility GmbH)



Spring 2021

Used Tools