Sylwia Cioch-Adamczak is a physical therapist in Vienna with more than 25 years of experience. She approached me with a desire for a new website, including a brand design that went hand in hand with this task. 

First and foremost, the brand design was created to set the tone for all the deliverables. I designed business cards, therapy appointment sheets and printed information material for patients. 

Sylwia’s website, which had not been updated for about a decade, has been completely restructured and relaunched. It serves as an effective element of external presentation and suggests a professional and trustworthy approach to prospective patients. 

Brand development

A new color palette was created based on the previous look. The rather no longer contemporary color combination of very saturated purple and orange was discarded.

Purple is a rather untypical color for the medical field and exactly for this reason the decision was made to keep the color. A more vivid purple was defined, which makes the practice stand out from the crowd. 

The font in the logo is not black, but a dark purple which compliments the graphic. Two additional colors were defined for use on print materials (business cards, brochures) and in the digital context (website).

The idea and finally the shape of the logo was inspired by manual therapy, Sylwia having to work with her hands and contact with people.

Print design

A square format was chosen for the printed materials. The size is the same for the appointment sheets, brochure and price list. Thus, they can be ideally placed inside each other and given to the patients.

Each of Sylwia’s specialties received an icon implemented in the previously set brand colors. They help to sepparate Information withing the brochure as well as the website.

The business card

The business card was designed to include all relevant contact information and branding elements on one side. Thus, Sylwia has the opportunity to note upcoming appointments for her patients on the back.

As with the other printed materials, the pictorial mark was placed in the lower right-hand corner, thus providing a uniform appearance. The transparent lacquer coating provides haptic feedback when touching the card, making it unique. 

The website

A new and well-structured website was an essential part of this project. For patients, it is important to be able to trust their therapists and to know what treatments they offer, and whether they are suitable to their needs. In addition to other information such as directions, Sylwia’s background and information regarding health insurance coverage, the website also includes photos of the practice and selected treatment methods.

For a successful user journey, CTAs for relevant further information or desired actions were deliberately placed on the subpages. On the website, background videos were used that suggest movement and mobility and thus a fast, but primarily successful, recovery.


Sylwia Cioch-Adamczak



Spring 2022

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