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Specialist in pet & luggage transport
based in Vienna

Unfortunately, the dangers that can arise when transporting animals in vehicles are underestimated. It is therefore important to ensure that there is a safe place in the car. The tailor-made solutions can be fully customized according to customer requirements.

In addition to meeting personal expectations, it is very important to deliver a solid, professionally manufactured and assembled dividing grid that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

As the customer base grew, the freelancer Peter Steidler found it difficult to process all inquiries. On his very simple website he presented already completed projects in order to be able to answer a few questions to potential customers in advance. However, this picture gallery did not have a strong appearance and a visual brand has not yet been established.  I have created a brand identity which guarantees a strong brand presence and recognition value.

A brand (new) experience

The company’s new branding reflects the relationship to people’s four-legged companions, but does not do without a modern appearance.

The color palette of the new brand identity mainly consists of the three colors green, white and black which are also reflected in the logo. In the standard version, the logo is green and black, but the colors may vary depending on the area of application. The bright green is also used on larger surfaces in print products such as business cards and letterheads; on the web it is used as an accent color.

In the typography of the logo, the focus was placed on the word “Gitter” (grid) , as the custom partitions are not only made for dogs, but also generally for the trunk of any vehicle. The ligature of the double-T was individually adapted to add a symbolic grid within the logo.

In addition to the photos of the completed customer orders, special emphasis is placed friendly images of dogs which help to establish an emotional base with the customer. These images can, but do not have to show the dog in connection with a car, the grids themselves are not the main focus.

Consistency across all platforms

As part of the branding, business cards and stationery were also designed. The stationery is also ideal for issuing invoices, as the footer contains all the information you need. By using these documents, the brand identity is uniform across all platforms – whether digital or analog.

For the uniform brand appearance on social media the client has received prepared images. Templates for stickers have also been prepared, which can be used for easy advertising since they refer directly to the website.

The website gives a good overview of the offer and already completed orders. With a clear presentation of individual vehicle models, potential customers can get an idea of what a dividing grid could look like in their own car.
The web design works generously with white space to give the many photos that are presented enough space. Icons are used on the start page to highlight the advantages of the company. These consist of straight lines and sharp edges so that they fit the modern appearance of the rest of the branding.


Peter Steidler



Winter 2020/2021

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