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The Lion's Share

Fund Report 2021

The Lion’s Share is a fund designed to help wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and animal welfare. A donation to the fund is made every time an animal appears in an ad – an easy way for corporations to make a powerful difference through a simple contribution. Those resources are then used to support animals and their habitats around the world.

The fund is backed by the United Nations Development Programme. During my internship at UNDP I had the opportunity to design the annual report for 2021.

Based on the existing visual identity and the report from the previous year, I developed a new concept.

Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie

Color palette

The previous report included only the two primary brand colors, which were supplemented by two additional lighter shades of green for the 2021 version. This allowed for more hierarchy and furthermore, the different colors were applied to the new design elements, providing more variety.

Design elements

The rough brush strokes and painted look of the logo successfully achieved a friendly look of the annual report. For the newest issue, the same goal should be achieved, but preferably with new design elements. The brush strokes, organic, natural and irregular shapes inspired to transform the traces of paint into traces of animals. The idea behind the new design is to keep the organic look, but also to form a visual connection to the animals the fund is helping. From the individual prints, coherent animal trace patterns were created which can be used as decorative elements throughout the report.

Subsequently, secondary design elements were added that include the fingerprint/footprint of a human. This suggests the connection between people and animals (people = the fund). Topographic maps were additionally used to include a neutral pattern and as well as environmental element.

The cover

The concept of the traces left behind should also be reflected on the cover of the report, which is why a number of suitable photos were proposed.


Involvement in the project as part of the Brand and Marketing team within BERA (Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy) during my graphic design internship at UNDP


Spring 2022

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