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master thesis project vacare Differences in usability of mobile user interfacesfor left- vs. right-handed users In the context of my master thesis at UAS St. Pölten I dealt with the design and usability of mobile user interfaces, especially with regard to the differences in the use with the left or right hand. In the empirical […]

2021 Annual Report | United Nations Developmen Programme

United Nations Development Programme Annual Report 2021 During my internship at the United Nations Development Programme I was part of the Brand and Marketing team within BERA (Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy). Among other projects, I had the opportunity to work on the illustrated version of the Annual Report for 2021. Creative director: Rodrigo […]

Carl von Stahl Haus

Carl von Stahl Haus 1.733m | seit 1921 Carl von Stahl Haus As part of a case study, a new brand identity and a modern website were designed for the “Carl von Stahl Haus” – an Alpine Club hut of the Salzburg section of the Austrian Alpine Club (Alpenverein). The focus here was on the design […]


Diplomky Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín has a Faculty of Multimedia and Communication which consists of several study programs. At the end of each academic year an exhibition is organized which presents mixed works from the departments such as graphic design, photography, glass design and others. For this event called Diplomky (Czech slang for diploma […]

G19 – Döblinger Gymnasium

Döblinger Gymnasium The Döblinger Gymnasium, founded in 1885, in the 19th district of Vienna is a traditional high school with a humanistic and linguistic focus. The main task of this project was to redesign information materials which could be handed out to interested parties (parents and their children) during the open house day. Logo update Brochure […]

The Lion’s Share | Fund Report 2021

The Lion’s Share Fund Report 2021 The Lion’s Share is a fund designed to help wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and animal welfare. A donation to the fund is made every time an animal appears in an ad – an easy way for corporations to make a powerful difference through a simple contribution. Those resources are […]


CO•OK next course please As part of the course “Brand Identity & Corporate Design” at UAS St. Pölten a fictional company was founded in groups. For this company we were asked to then create a visual identity. My main tasks were in the area of logo development and the design of the website. Furthermore, print […]


ELOOP ELOOP is a Vienna based start up with the focus on green mobility solutions and environmental protection. Their vision ist to change the way how people get around in urban areas and take the sharing economy to the next level. I started to think about how I could make something special out of the […]

Sylwia Cioch-Adamczak

Sylwia Cioch-Adamczak is a physical therapist in Vienna with more than 25 years of experience. She approached me with a desire for a new website, including a brand design that went hand in hand with this task.  First and foremost, the brand design was created to set the tone for all the deliverables. I designed business […]


Tyrock In the scope of this project I have developed a brand identity including packaging and advertising material for a fictional startup called Tyrock – a company from Tirol, Austria. Company description The startup specializes in outdoor products and would like to achieve a down-to-earth, adventurous, honest and strong impression. Furthermore, the brand should reflect […]